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Xanthe Cooke


I am a farm girl at heart raised in Zambia and that is where I call home. I started taking an interest in photography when I was in my second last year of school after entering a photography competition and came third. This was what sparked my desire to study photography. I studied in Australia and acquired a diploma in Arts and Creative Industries which photography was a part of and my favorite subject.


Photography is a hobby I decided to make into a career. I studied Commercial Photography in Stellenbosch, South Africa to greater my knowledge so I could go out and work as a Commercial Photographer.  I have a passion for it and I would love to share that with people. I love capturing that moment when someone is at their most natural and beautiful, not trying to look good in front of the camera.


I have put this portfolio of some of my work together in order to show you what I do. I hope you like what you see.




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